Paladone – Brand visibility


Paladone is the biggest brand nobody had heard of (until recently). The brand began life back in 1994 and has grown into the UK’s premier innovative, trend-based gift & merchandise company. They create some of the best gifts on the market but they struggled with advocacy, especially amongst target B2C audiences. The problem lay largely with lack of visibility the brand had on platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. Put simply: The brand had a lot of fans, they just didn’t know it yet.


We conducted a mass scale outreach project to raise awareness of the brand across Instagram contacting thousands of influencers. Every content creator we contacted was specifically chosen with one of the brand’s core audience profiles in mind. This was a collaborative process between us and the internal marketing team. We then created a timeline of specific pushes for select products – mini-campaigns within themselves, as such. This tailored approach allowed the brand to rapidly build up authentic brand awareness and advocacy. We are an SEO-first agency, so the added bonus of a growing natural, trustworthy backlink profile – both follow and nofollow – was not by chance. The mix of Instagram social signalling and link building balanced each other out.


The goal of the project was brand awareness and we built this with an enormous number of highly-relevant people who otherwise may not have known about Paladone. A high percentage of influencers had seen, bought or gifted products from Paladone without realising it.

Here’s a breakdown of the numbers:

Total Instagram stories live: 735
Instagram audience reached: 863k
Total Instagram audience(s): 3.52m

Total Instagram posts live: 200+
Active engagements: 46.5k

Total blog collaborations: 10
Blog views reached: 28.2k

Total influencer collaborations: 249


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