Sacet: Allowing the brand to shine


Sacet has an ethical approach to diamond jewellery that deserved to be in the face of consumers. Based off the Sanskrit word for consciousness, sustainability is at the core of the brand’s ethos. However, the site wasn’t performing well in organic searches and the brand wasn’t ranking for lab-grown diamond-related terms – their most valuable selling point, naturally. Put simply: The brand was a leading force in an emerging industry, it just made little to no noise digitally – especially with regards to organic.


We wanted to make Sacet visible to their core audience group – simple. Our approach was split into building content, diversifying the backlink profile, spreading the word through outreach and technically getting the site into shape. From a content perspective, hundreds of highly-specific categories were keyword mapped and supplied with unique, keyword-rich category texts. In addition, the brand’s ethos was highlighted across the blog – fueling the site with even more content in the eyes of Google. We then set out developing the site from an authority standpoint. This was primarily achieved through building the authority of the site – we contacted over 600 influencers over a three-month period to create content around a piece from the Sacet collection. The brand needed to reach new audiences – influencer outreach allowed us to do this in an authentic, user-generated way.


The Sacet site now has a consistent monthly stream of organic traffic built up from highly-relevant keywords. The site now ranks in the top five for almost all lab-grown diamond-related terms. In addition to these, the site now has an organic presence across a variety of broader jewellery-based terms. There has been a 250% increase in organic traffic over the last six months compared to the previous time period last year. Through influencer marketing, the brand now has a high level of brand awareness and advocacy amongst its primary audiences.

Here’s a breakdown of the numbers:

Total Instagram stories live: 181
Instagram audience reached: 561k
Total Instagram audience(s): 4.2m

Total Instagram posts live: 83
Active engagements: 87k

Total influencer collaborations: 135


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