Sacet – Spreading the Word


It’s just a fact: eCommerce is competitive and fast-moving.

Trying to cut through the noise online is difficult for all new brands, especially in the worlds of jewellery and fashion. The sums spent on digital marketing by the market leaders stand testament to this.

Sacet – a new ethical jewellery brand – were struggling with just that. Striking a balance between being a jewellery brand and being an ethical, conscious brand. Without slipping into reductive and outdated definitions of ethical… No hippy stereotypes. No hemp.

Terrier were brought in to increase awareness about the brand as efficiently as possible.


The rise of the fashion and lifestyle influencer is no secret. Bloggers, vloggers and Instagrammers alike are all well-versed in gifting, reviewing and the pursuit of paid opportunities.
More and more influencers are turning their backs on ‘fast fashion’, focusing instead of sustainability, slow fashion and mindful consumerism.

With this in mind, Terrier set out researching and building targeted waves to contact.

The response was excellent. Across every platform, influencers were keen to involve themselves with Sacet and bring the brand to their audiences’ attentions.


40+ pieces of blog content

35+ pieces of YouTube content

35,000 views of vlogger activity (estimated cost per view of £0.02)

2,100 referrals from bloggers (estimated cost per visit of £0.38)

54% increase in direct visitors to the site

45% increase in organic traffic


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