Trunki – A bigger and better website


Trunki’s site was in need of attention. Traffic to the site had stagnated (especially from organic sources) rankings were dwindling and the brand was relying on paid searches, which was burning up valuable spend for the business. The trouble lay with their content and optimisation – in lots of areas this was lacking and in others there were duplication issues.


We hit the ground running with content. We created category texts, integrated the blog onto the site (which was previously on a separate domain) and rewrote all the duplicate content to be completely unique. We also reworked a large amount of the keyword mapping to make sure that there was a better response to valuable search terms. As a leading recruitment agency, Cobalt constantly connect with potential employees and recruiting employers alike. However, the Cobalt site’s conversation rate was poor and had the potential to be far stronger. In addition, the site suffered from a low rate of organic users entering the site from any page other than the homepage. The bounce and exit rates (from organic search) were correspondingly high.


The content and optimisation of the site brought it in-line with best practice, improving its structure, size and organisation.

  • Strong organic search listings for product-based terms (luggage, suitcases and backpacks being especially popular) 
  • The monthly traffic is up by 15% year-on-year 
  • Paid search traffic is down 40% year-on-year with much less budget going into this area


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