The Challenge

In a relatively crowded space that Neubria found themselves in with their vegan health supplement products, they were finding it difficult to break through the noise. With a site that was showing potential but struggling to make the best use out of it, it was time for them to get into content to give them a helping hand with what needs to be done for their brand to make some more noise in the digital space. With garnering organic traffic a major issue for them, it was on Terrier to do the following to help improve the SEO side of their brand.

  • Thorough SEO site audit to help identify structural issues within the site.
  • Content calendar in order to plan out when fresh blogs will go live and how many will be written.
  • Keyword research.
  • Competitor research to identify strengths in other brands and weaknesses where Neubria could capitalise.
  • Digital PR outreach. 
  • Continued tracking of top 100 keywords.

The Campaign

Like with any thorough consultation that Terrier carries out, the best place to start is with a structural SEO site audit. With this process, it makes it easier to analyse the site more thoroughly and therefore spot any issues that may be impacting the sites performance and therefore the success of the brand as a whole. Flagging these issues up with the internal developers is an important step to highlight what issues can arise on a site and provide resolutions to stop this from happening in the future.

Thorough keyword research is also an integral part of what we do at Terrier. It is important to understand trends in what people are looking and searching for in relation to certain products that Neubria have for example. Highlighting words that Neubria should be ranking for but aren’t means that they need to be sprinkled into the written content that appears on the site.

Drawing out a content calendar for the following year then follows. With the keywords highlighted and linked to topics of blogs for the next 12 months, it is then the job of the internal team at Neubria to provide further information on the topics that have been created by our content team on whether or not they are appropriate for their brand. Another bonus of drawing out a content calendar so far in advance allows altercations to be made to topics and also ideas for seasonal blogs.

What can also benefit the content calendar is the results found from the competitor research. Digging into what similar brands do in terms of their digital PR and on-site content provides invaluable information for moving forward with any rival brand. It is then possible to see what is proving to be so successful for them which can in turn provide some inspiration for future content that is produced.

In terms of digital PR, reaching out to vloggers, bloggers and Instagram influencers to name a few is imperative to get the ball rolling with the digital PR marketing campaign. Two vloggers, two bloggers and 26 Instagram influencers were reached out each month to ensure that there was always a constant stream of positive digital PR for Neubria products and their brand image overall.

Keeping track of this progress was integral to see how beneficial the influencer marketing would prove to be. Also keeping track of the top 100 keywords on a regular basis is also integral to ensure that all of the written content is still as relevant and continuing to provide quality copy.

The Results

With the initial goal of improving organic traffic and impressions, that was an undisputed success.

Organic Traffic Increase



Organic Impression Increase



Organic Traffic Increase



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