The Challenge

With Sacet placing themselves in the ethical jewellery space, evident in their brand name meaning consciousness from the Sanskrit word, the field was relatively new but emerging with some pace. With ethics and sustainability being at the very core of what they do as a company, it is vitally important to get the right message out to potential consumers about the positive work they do up against the less ethical and more mainstream jewellery brands. The key outcome that was established from early on was that their message needed to be spread a little more quickly and be widely seen. The steps that had to be taken in order to achieve an improvement in their digital marketing were:

  • Build fresh and relevant written content.
  • Extensive KW mapping.
  • An overall reshuffle of the technical side of the site.
  • Improved and diversified backlink profile.

The Campaign

Starting with the written content side of things, it was important to start to make Sacet more visible to their core audience group. To be in a position to do this, some extensive keyword mapping was to be carried out. With their products being hugely specific, it was important to carry out this keyword research to produce relative copy and help promote Sacet’s site and certain pages on search engines. The importance of Sacet’s ethos is key to their brand and their image, so highlighting this in the copy was vitally important too. Feeding this into the written content as much as possible was imperative to make sure that their message of sustainability being at the heart of what they do was not lost in the noise of this new written content. 

Following the fresh new content hitting the site, ensuring that it was being properly utilised was another key step in the right direction. Carrying out the site audit to make sure what the technical issues on the site were was the best way to go about this. Making sure that the URL’s were properly indexed helps ensure that the site can then be crawled properly. 

Lastly, to help build the authority of the site, backlinking was vital to help spread the message of Sacet and what they believe to be important. The best way to do this was to branch out to reach a wider range of people by getting into contact with some influencers. We managed to reach out to over 600 influencers over the span of three months.

What this allowed us to do was produce a different kind of content via these influencers and reach a much wider audience. Focusing on a piece from the Sacet collection, these influencers were helping promote the brand to their followers which in turn helps cast the brand in a wider and brighter light. This also helps improve the brands overall site authority, as they are able to gain digital traction with their product from trusted sources which are the influencers.

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The Results

By covering all of these bases, Sacet have now been able to reap the benefits of covering these digital marketing basics. The results after carrying out these tasks speak for themselves in how they have been able to transform Sacet’s visibility. 

  • 85% increase in organic traffic for non-brand related terms
  • Top the ranking for “Lab-Grown Diamonds”

In terms of their influencer marketing reach out, these also showed promising numbers for the first proper implementation of contacting influencers. With the first campaign reaching these numbers:

  • Total Instagram stories live – 181
  • Instagram audiences reached – 561k
  • Total Instagram audiences – 4.2m
  • Total Instagram posts live – 83
  • Active engagements – 87k
  • Total influencer collaborations – 135

Non-Brand Organic Traffic


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