The Challenge

Sons was looking to stand out in the incredibly competitive marketplace that is men’s hair loss treatment and men’s health. Whilst experiencing difficulty with standing out in this crowded space, they turned to implementing effective SEO practices to help improve standings in comparison to their competitors. Areas that they were looking to improve on include:

  • Written based content
  • Technical optimisation
  • Link Building
  • Build social signals via influencer marketing

The Campaign

Working with Sons from the very beginning, it was imperative to establish a solid base to build on, from a content and technical standpoint. Where the content is considered, drawing out a content calendar with an agreed number of product-focused blogs was a great first step. Having this drawn out into the following months to come gave us an early but attainable target to aim for and was also a great way to get into the habit of churning out quality content on a consistent basis. Ensuring that blogs were effectively internally linked as well as being optimised with suitable and relevant keywords was also vitally important.

Technically speaking, It was key to start to make a mark in the space of men’s hair loss and start to be competitive online and on search rankings. Doing this by optimising the site with key search terms began the groundwork of becoming established in the men’s hair loss space. Another way of helping improve the position of organic rankings was by making sure the site was indexed more effectively by having the site be easier to crawl, leading to an improvement in organic rankings. A way in which to do this is ensuring that the site is tidied up. For example, ensuring that there is no duplicated content as this can negatively interfere with the site being crawled as well as slowing the site down which can have a negative impact on users’ experiences on the site. 

Establishing relationships with influencers that were relevant to the Sons brand was also an important step forward in their marketing strategy. Having these relationships build over time alongside the influencers’ followership is only beneficial to the brand as they will continue to grow as their product will be seen by more and more people.

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The Results

When looking at the results and what we wanted to achieve with Sons, it is clear to see that being well established in the field of men’s hair loss in terms of search term rankings was an important factor. These positive first steps and their effectiveness are highlighted through the results:

  • 91.15% increase YOY in organic traffic as we reached 18 months working together
  • Corresponding 195.74% increase YOY in impressions

With the relationship we have continually built on over the course of our time working together, the proof of making a positive mark on search terms is plain to see:

  • The average ranking position for Sons was 99.33 at the start of 2020, whereas now it is 24.61, an increase of over 74 positions
  • In the past year, Sons has jumped into the top five in search rankings for high volume search terms including topical finasteride (2900), nootropic supplements (480) and buy minoxidil (480)
  • Sons generate more organic traffic from one of their hero product pages (from non-brand traffic) over their homepage

Organic Traffic Increase



Impressions Increase



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