T Juice

The Challenge

T Juice are in a competitive space but provides a more upmarket product within that space of e-liquids, as they pride themselves on the premium product they provide. Their site however was not reflective of the service that they were providing. In order to set this straight, a multitude of structural and content tasks needed to be carried out. These included:

  • Improve page speed.
  • Tidied up site with remedying wrong pages found on XML sitemap.
  • Introduced an FAQ hub.
  • Improved backlink profile.
  • Built out a library of topical articles.

The Campaign

The structural issues were prevalent from the early stages of the structural site audit being carried out. The clear issues that were standing out mainly was the speed of the overall site when navigating between pages, and empty pages taking up unnecessary space on the site. One key way in which page speed can be detrimental to the brand on the whole is that it impacts negatively on the users experience on the site, which can then in turn change the way in which they see the brand in a professional light. 

With the T Juice brand and their site being image heavy to be in keeping of the brand’s image, these can have a massive impact on how the site performs. A good place to start is to ensure that these images are optimised and compressed. This helps ensure that the feel of the site is not affected by removing any images as there are steps that can be taken to stop that from happening and if this can be avoided to help maintain the brand’s image then it is a worthy step.

Tidying up the site with pages that were dormant was also something that could not only improve the speed of the site, but also helps with how the site can be accurately crawled. Ensuring that the site can be crawled properly is vital, as this can help index your site properly and therefore have your brand rank on search engines. 

Moving onto the content side of the site, providing T Juice with a list of topics which could be turned into relevant written content was the next step. Providing them with these blog topics gives them a chance to make sure that these topics are relevant to them as well as the field as a whole. This also provides T Juice with an opportunity to catch up on their competitors, by providing relevant copy that their competitors may be missing out on covering. 

Building out an FAQ hub was also of paramount importance. Not having this section can have a detrimental effect on how users interact with your site, as they will find it hard to have frequently asked questions from users answered in a familiar way which is what an FAQ hub provides. 

Getting into contact with the social team at T Juice was also important, in terms of building out snappy campaigns for helping users stop smoking. When it comes to fields in which health is involved, it is important to highlight ways in which your brand is campaigning for their users health to be improved. Establishing this campaign meant that not only are T juice’s products being sold to the general public, they are also ensuring that they are taking an active part in a socially conscious campaign to help people stop smoking which can then in turn switch these people onto their products, as vaping is seen as a stepping stone from smoking cigarettes to quitting altogether.

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The Results

There was an huge improvement seen following these steps taking place which showed:

  • The first half of 2021 vs 2020, clicks were up 150%+ YOY.
  • Up 500% in terms of impressions YOY.
  • 247% increase in organic traffic and a 231% increase in overall transitions.