The Challenge

Trunki had a unique product that was struggling to gain any traction digitally, with a lack of brand visibility as well as a severe lack of traffic to the site. With Trunki finding themselves in the situation of relying on paid searches, it was now time to seek help to guide them to a more sustainable way of providing reliable digital marketing. The ways in which to achieve this for them were:

  • Providing optimised category texts.
  • Drawing out a comprehensive content calendar for relevant written content.
  • Rewriting duplicated content throughout the site.
  • Extensive KW mapping.

The Campaign

With the main bulk of this campaign involving improving the content on the site to help drive up traffic numbers, the first place to look at was to carry out extensive keyword mapping to help aid the effectiveness of the written content that was to follow. Discovering relevant and unique keywords with a significant search volume just highlights the missed opportunities Trunki had experienced previously. Ensuring that this won’t be an issue in the future is by involving this method into the writing processes of Trunki to ensure that there are always relevant keywords fed into their written content. 

Following this step introducing optimised category texts for category pages on the Trunki site was the next plan of action. Following the keyword research previously, it was now possible to go ahead with writing the category texts with the knowledge that they would include fresh and relevant keywords within the copy. Having the category texts at the top of the category pages is important this helps give a summary of each and every page and the contents on there, providing further information to customers on their products. Turning the attention to the duplicated copy was also a vital step that needed to be taken in order to tidy up Trunki’s site, and help provide unique copy throughout the entire site. Ensuring that this was carried out thoroughly led to each page being able to be ranked and searched correctly, and the less overlap that was occurring was for the better in terms of their digital presence. 

With the knowledge gained from the keyword research and optimised category texts, it was time to provide a thorough guideline of when content should be live on the Trunki site. Producing an extensive content calendar for Trunki’s written content is beneficial in order to get organised and seeing the content laid out throughout the year helps provide deadlines for when each blog should be completed.

Having constant and relative content published on the site on a regular basis not only provides a positive image for your brand, but also provides quality and relevant content for the visitors on your site. This also helps improve the overall user experience, keeping these said users engaged and keeping them on the site for even longer. This helps the success of your sites image and brand image too. 

All of these steps circle back to how effective extensive keyword mapping can be, as this then plays into the effectiveness of your written content on the site, and the success of this bleeds into your success as a whole brand. Brushing up on your keyword mapping every so often also keeps the written content throughout the site relevant, as you will have the ability to chop and change these keywords and ensure that your written copy stays relevant for as long as possible.

car seat backpack



kids ride on suitcase






toddler suitcase



The Results

The content and thoroughness of the optimisation brought in line with SEO best practices helped improve the entire site and its performance, from structure, size and organisation.

  • Strong organic search listings for product based search terms. 
  • 1st for ride on suitcase, 9th for swimming bads, 3rd place for “kids suitcase”, 6th for “kids lunch bags”

Organic Traffic Increase



Non-Brand Organic Traffic



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