Link building can be defined as the process of getting other websites to link to a page on your site. Google and other search engines crawl analyse and make note of the links between sites. Sites with higher trust and citation flows are more valuable in link building as they result in stronger links. The aim of link building is to grow your site’s authority, and thus improve its search engine ranking.

Our Approach

The first link building step at Terrier is a link audit. We analyse and review a client’s existing link profile, before comparing it to the link profiles of its competitors.

Following this, we draw up a plan of action by working out how best to find and develop the most valuable, relevant links. We place a lot of emphasis on contacting influential bloggers to secure valued editorial in-content links, through content seeding, reviews and sponsored posts. In addition, our team creates engaging content in-house for social media platforms that is designed to be share-able. Where appropriate, we also seek out reputable, industry-specific directories and business listings.

At Terrier, we believe that it is important to only build links that we would have link to our site. Poor quality links can damage your site’s authority, a phenomenon dubbed ‘link neighbourhoods’. Search engines build up an understanding of the type of links a site contains. If those links are of poor quality, or tied to spam/broken sites, then your authority will be reduced in turn. We are highly selective in our link building process.

In short, we see link building as a long game of persistence.