Link Building

Link building is an everchanging factor within SEO. Due to search engines changing and adapting rules related to link building, its something for an SEO agency to be on top of at all times. Find out more about what link building is, how to acquire high-quality links to build up your link profile and why it is so important and how it can affect search engine rankings below.

What is Link Building?

Firstly, a link is something that helps navigate users from one page or site to another. Link building is the practice of acquiring links to your site from other websites. Otherwise known as backlinks, this practice can help you rank higher on search engines if you are able to acquire links from high-authority sites.

High-authority sites are effectively a trusted source of information. They will be seen as less spammy that the majority of other sites in a similar realm. It is best to find a quality site with a high authority score for your link-building purposes, as a high authority score relates to an idea of what search engines deem to be how trustworthy a site is.

The higher the score, the more trustworthy the site will be and therefore the higher authority they will have.

How to acquire high-quality links

Link Prospecting

Being able to identify high authority sites is a key component in link building and in turn, improving your ranking. There are a number of ways in which you can identify a given site’s authority and quality.

Citation Flow and Trust Flow offer one robust way of determining a site’s level of quality/credibility. Citation Flow assesses the number of links on a site whereas Trust Flow assesses the quality of these links. These can be scored from 0-100; the higher the number, the more credible the site will be.

Trust Flow is the key metric when considering backlinking with a particular site because this site will be more trusted and therefore more users will visit this site and will see links going back to your site.

How are links used by search engines?

Links are a fundamental part of the process in which search engines rank pages. When search engines are able to map the various links back to your site, it is often referred to as a link profile. The more high authority links included in this link profile increases your rankings significantly. This is proof of the importance of link building as an SEO practice.

Gaining links via content marketing

High quality links anchored in high quality content is always going to be a winning recipe. This method can mean including research and data within your pages content as this is highly linkable and therefore more likely to attract sites to link your original data. Often publications will accept pre-written pieces of content if they are high quality, well informed and, of course, entirely unique from a duplication perspective!

Link building outreach via email

Sometimes it really is as simple as getting in touch! Now, this isn't to say you don't need a hook to grab their attention... One variation of this method is known as HARO link building - a.k.a. Help A Reporter Out. Brands can leverage this by sharing highly novel bits of available data/research that tie back into their own subject matter.

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